Repair Order Protectors

As low as $45.95

BD-242 • BD-242A • BD-246
Repair Order Protectors

Keep your repair orders clean!

Store and protect work orders, production schedules, inventory cards and more in these stitched shop ticket holders.  Strong, rigid, clear vinyl allows easy visibility of documents and protects documents from oil, grease and chemicals.  Convenient eyelet at top allows for hanging.  Reinforced stitched edge delivers longer product life.  Both sides are clear.  Holders open on short side.  Also a great place to keep the car keys while being serviced.  Available without straps or with straps for hanging onside or rear view mirror.

BD-242 Without Straps - Size: 9" x 12"  $45.95 for 25
BD-242A With Straps - Size
: 9" x 12"  $45.95 for 15
BD-246 Without Straps - Size: 11" x 14"  $52.95 for 25

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