Flag Hanging Brackets

As low as $52.95

● BD-600 • 3' x 8' One Flag Display
● BD-601 • 3½' x 7½' One Flag Display
● BD-602 • 3' x 8' Dual Flag Display
● BD-603 • 3½' x 7½' Dual Flag Display

These brackets help to keep flags in place while displaying your vehicle line to potential customers.  Brackets are designed to accommodate 3' x 8' and 3½' x 7½' flags and handle either 1 flag or dual flags depending on your particular needs.

Here are just some of the flags that can be used with these brackets:

BD-600 bracket:  BD-628, BD-628A, BD-628B, BD-626, BD-626A and BD-626B flags.
BD-601 bracket:  BD-888, BD-888A, BD-889, BD-627, BD-627A and BD-627B flags.
BD-602 bracket: BD-628, BD-628A, BD-628B. BD-626, BD-626A and BD-626B flags.
BD-603 bracket:   BD-888A, BD-889, BD-627, BD-627B and BD-627B flags.

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